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Art for Adults

We are delighted to now offer art sessions for adults. Bring a group of friends together for an afternoon or evening of great company and art.  
Each person will complete a simple canvas in the 2.5hours.  Don't worry if you have not picked up a paint brush for years, our amazing teachers are there to help guide you and can adapt to any level of experience.

We will come to your chosen venue and need a minimum 6 to run a session.

Email to find out more

In school

Arty Party

 We think Birthdays are a very special occasion and we will help you mark this milestone with tons of creativity, fun and also an opportunity to make a difference. 

Our parties are a little different, as we also take the opportunity of using these special occasions to give back. Each year our students choose a unique social cause to support. This year it is Water Aid. Our children’s parties are priced only to cover costs and the intention is completely philanthropic.  For more details please email us at 


Our Charity wing Soham has supported quite a few projects since 2013 and we are committed to continue. You can find more info at our 'Giving' page.


Arty Party
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