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You learn while having fun and there is a lot of fun in learning !!!

Artspiration offers structured lessons designed to take your child on an artistic journey from an early age. Our lessons and groups are age specific and provide a holistic approach to Drawing and Painting.


We cannot stress enough on the value of the process of learning rather than aiming at making a finished and beautiful work solely. Problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, all form an integral part of this process

Ages 5-8 years


Ages 12 -16yrs, Maidenhead

(please note these classes are open to currently enrolled 10 yrs+ by invitation.)

Ages 8- 12 and 12- 16 yrs

Holiday course

Art Scout Juniors: Recommended Ages 7- 12 yrs

Art Scout Seniors: Ages 10 - 16 yrs


My daughter has been attending Artspiration since April last year.  Over this very short period her natural talent has flourished.  The teacher's passion and enthusiasm for art and her diverse knowledge has allowed my daughter the opportunity to experiment with so many different styles and techniques, from relief printing to oil painting.


My only one regret is that we didn't discover Artspiration sooner.  We can't thank you enough for providing my child this wonderful opportunity to grow artistically, in such an inspiring environment."


Reading, UK

Both my daughters have attended Shalini's fantastic art classes for a number of years.  They both love art, and through these classes we have seen them both develop their artistic skills and self confidence. We  are amazed at the beautiful work they come home with. Niamh's school was so impressed with her work that they let her have her own solo exhibition!  Shalini's love for art is passed on to her pupils, we are very fortunate to have found her, she really does help her pupils shine.


Julie Denton

Maidenead, UK


My son is 12 and has been attending Artspiration for almost 5 years now. His natural talent has developed significantly during this time and his knowledge of artistic styles has increased.

Shalini allows artistic ability to flourish unabated but she is also always available to guide, encourage and motivate her students.

Her teaching style has been instrumental in Akil's increased confidence in relation to approaching new and challenging tasks and it is noticeable that he is a lot more self motivated in regards to starting new pieces of work. Shalini's vast experience is evident, however it is also her warm personality and passion for teaching which makes her classes such a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the children.

Artspiration encourages the children to exhibit their works at the annual Art On The Street in Maidenhead. My son has participated in this event on several occasions and has been able to sell a number of his works, which gave him an insight into entrepreneurship and fuelled him with the confidence to produce more intricate drawings. He was quite surprised to discover that others appreciated his works and were willing to pay for them.

I can honestly say that Shalini has drawn out the creative genius in my child and he is producing work that he never imagined he ever would. So thank you Shalini for developing Akil's hobby into a passion which is all over the house!"

Lisa Williams

Maidehead, UK

My daughter has been going to Artspiration classes in Maidenhead for over 4 years. During this time she has developed her natural artistic gift so that she is now confident working in many different medias and will tackle any project with confidence. Although she is only 11 she has achieved so much through her Art - from an Arts bursary from RBWM, two school Art scholarship offers and many competition wins. Shalini has helped her in every step of her journey, always there to offer advise, support and encouragement. Shalini combines the unique skills of knowing when to offer help and when to stay silent and allow her students to work things out for themselves through their mistakes. I cannot think of a safer pair of hands to help a developing artist. "

Lee Foxcroft

Maidenhead, UK

Simply a short email to say that my daughter is really enjoying the art classes; in terms of feedback the part she likes the most is the ability to quietly get to work on her art without distraction. The first thing  she said after her first class is "mummy is lovely and quiet and I like that so I can work on my picture". I think its a welcome break compared to the usual classroom noises and distraction at school. She is also really enjoying doing some more grown up art and learning about colours etc.


Wokingham, UK

My daughter has been attending her art classes on Saturdays for over a year now. She has learnt so much about different artists, grown in confidence using different art mediums (colour pencils, water colour paint, oil paint, pastels, charcoal) and produced beautiful work that can go into her portfolio for an art scholarship next January. In particular, her observational drawing has developed remarkably well in recent months.


Langley, UK

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