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We are a team of committed Teaching Artists passionate about Art and love working with children. We are always looking for new team members. We are looking for teachers who share a vision to work long term with us. We take great pride in our high re enrollments rates at all our centers and uncompromising quality of teaching.  Our teachers work on building a warm bond of love and trust with the children and bring out the best in them. If you would like to be part of the Artspiration family please email amd we will send you the application form.


  • Home school groups

Artspiration is happy to work with Home Schooling Groups. If you have a group of home educated children interested, our teachers can come to your venues or we could arrange a class at our venues.


  • Work experience

Currently suspended.


  • Community

Our teachers are happy to conduct one off workshops for Community groups. We could help you rediscover your Arty side or help develop it. We organise Arty Parties and also fund raise each year for a social cause.


Current vacancy
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