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Art School

 Ages 5 to 8 years


This is the group for our youngest creative minds. Here,we offer age appropriate Art experiences that dip and skim playfully through the surface of the fundamentals of Drawing and Painting, offering very tasty and varied nibbles. Their imagination is kept ignited and there is nothing more real and beautiful for us! Our endeavour is to just help them express it in a way they can be proud of. This class nurtures their love for art, makes real life connections and prepares them for further exploration that comes next.


 Fee: £10 X No of weeks

(Weeks per term: Autumn -14, Spring-11 and Summer-11) 

(Sessions are 1 hour long and fee includes all materials apart from the drawing book.

Ages 5yrs+

 Ages 8- 12years and 12- 16 years

This is the group for our Explorers. We dive deeper and scout all through and around the subject, viewing it from various perspectives. Our weekly art trails lead them through new subjects and mediums, making valuable connections to their own other interests outside the class. This class empowers them with a deeper and skillful understanding of the fundamentals of the subject.

The 12-16 years group are offered more lessons on observational drawings along with the regular curriculum for the younger groups. This enables older children  who are unable to commit to the 2.5 hrs long 12yrs+ group to continue to enjoy and grow through their art journey.


 Fee: £15 X No of weeks

(Weeks per term: Autumn -14, Spring-11 and Summer-11) 

(Sessions are 1.5 hour long and fee includes all materials apart from the drawing book.

Ages 12 years + Maidenhead

This group is an opportunity for the students to learn and grow with guest Artists and spend concentrated  time on one subject.  Our subjects will range from Life Drawing, Still life, Cartooning, Illustration and mediums range from Oil paints, Charcoal to Egg Tempera.

These classes are open by invitation only to existing Artspiration 10 yrs+ students,   (based on teacher referral and merit)

The classes are open to all other 12yrs plus  however, we do expect children to have basic skills and understanding of drawing and painting and we will request images of your child's art work which should include at least 3 works from observation. The images will just help us to get an idea of your child's strengths and weakness.

Details of our  Guest artists can be found here


Would suit perfectly if your child is passionate about Art in general and also if they are currently doing their GCSE , Arts Award or applying for scholarships.



 Fee: £30 X No of weeks

One off Project bookings if seats available £35 per session

(Weeks per term: Autumn -11, Spring-9/8 and Summer-9/8) 

(Sessions are 2.5 hour long and fee includes most materials)

This group only runs in Maidenhead on Saturdays.

Ages 12years+
Ages 8yrs+

Small Groups

Small groups:  This program works well if you are looking for 121 lessons.  Our small groups provide a greater opportunity for individual guidance and targeted feedback. Children can join existing small group classes or we can start a new one if you have a group or bubble you prefer to work within, and you know would be interested in joining you.


Most of our Art school lessons are covered but emphasis is more on observational drawing in these groups. The curriculum is more flexible to allow for groups to work on projects of their choice / competition entries /develop portfolios etc.

Teachers can assign optional tasks to work at home and provide feedback on it at/during  the class. 


Fee: varies as per class size, please contact us for details.


Small groups
Holiday Course

Summer 2024-Holiday course

Holidays are a great time to nurture your creativity and develop art skills! We can't wait to see the lovely creations of our Artspires at our holiday workshops. Depending on ages and abilities, we offer two holiday ' Art Scout'  courses. Please feel free to choose!

Art Scout Juniors for ages 6- 12yrs

Art Scout Seniors for ages 10- 16yrs

Art Scout Juniors!!

Unleash your child's creativity and empower them with art Skills this summer!

Get introduced to various art mediums and art subjects with our teaching artists. This course is suitable for children at Beginners and Intermediate levels.

Recommended Ages 7- 12 yrs. Art enthusiastic 6 year olds are welcome.

Times: 9:30am- 3:30pm

Venue: Courthouse Junior School, Blenheim Rd, Maidenhead SL6 5HE

Fee : Includes all art materials. Children to bring a nut free lunch, snacks and water.
£190 for 4 day bookings.*

£55 a day for day bookings (subject to seat availability after July 10th)

* Early bird discount of 10%!!!when you book before June 20th!

Week 1 : July 29th, 30th, 31st and Aug 1st

Week 2: Aug 5th,6th, 7th and 8th

We believe in empowering our young artists with the skills and knowledge they need to express themselves through their own creative works.  Our morning sessions have an unique approach to introduce a new art medium each day, take the children through a guided project and once confident let them explore the medium and make their own individual works. The afternoon sessions are hands on studio hours including outdoor drawing sessions ( weather permitting), print making, mixed media and canvas painting.

Art mediums used: Water colours, Soft pastels, Pen and Wash, Oil pastels, Acrylics, Pencil shading, Charcoal, Mixed Media over a range of surfaces like cartridge paper, water colour paper, Tinted sheets, collaged paper, mixed media papers etc  over the 4 days. We will explore various art subjects such as Design, Landscape, Animal portraits, Observational drawing, Printing etc with our teaching artists!

Art Scout Seniors!!

3 days of intensive Art journey!  Our subjects range from Life Drawing, Still life, Sculpture, Print Making and art mediums from Oil Paints, Charcoal, Egg tempera, Soft Pastels, Acrylic paints, Ink,. etc. This course will be ideal for children who already have the basic skills and are willing to develop them further.  Suitable for Intermediate and Advance levels.


Projects keep changing , so please check with us for project details for each week.

Recommended Ages 11-16yrs yrs. Art enthusiastic 10 year olds are welcome. 

Max of 12 children only. 

Times: 10:00am- 4:00pm

Venue: Courthouse Junior School, Blenheim Rd, Maidenhead SL6 5HE

Fee : Includes all art materials.



£210 for 3 day bookings *

£75 a day for day bookings (subject to seat availability after July 10th)

*Early bird discount of 10%!!!when you book before June 20th!

Week 1 : July 30th, 31st and Aug 1st

Week 2: Aug 6th, 7th and 8th


Art Scout Senior
Art Scout Junior

After School Clubs

We currently run successful after school clubs in the following locations; If you woudl like a club for your school , please feel free to contact us.                                                                         

Courthouse Junior School- Maidenhead

Burchetts Green CE Infant School Maidenhead


BG logo.jpg

Micklands Primary School



Emmer Green Primary School



Boyn Hill Infant School- Maidenhead

Sonning CE Primary School

Sonning Logo.jpg

Gorse Ride Schools


Screenshot 2019-03-09 14_47_13.webp

Our Program Art Peek is tailored towards the after school clubs that we run in local schools exclusively for the school's children.  Art Peek gives children a lovely, concise art learning experience and touches on the different elements of our full curriculum. Our After School Club Leaders deliver this program in our local schools.


'Art Peek ' is a wonderful opportunity for Year 1 to Year 6 children to experience various art forms, mediums, artists and skills. 


Each term, Art Peek introduces children to various mediums like water colours, Soft pastels, Oil Pastels, Charcoal,Acrylic paints , Print Making etc. Children will also be introduced to specialized Art and Crafts like Mosaics, Plaster casting, Mod roc Modelling,. and gain insight into the works and life of one Master Artist and then create their own art inspired by their works. 

If you are a parent or teacher and think your school would benefit from an Art Peek Art Club, please contact us on and we would be delighted to help.

We also support and encourage children to apply for the  'Discover Arts Award' which is offered by the Trinity College of London for an additional fee as we are also advisers to Arts Award and our Art peek program covers the requirement for the award. 

After school clubs

1-2-1/ Gifts

We also offer 1-2-1 sessions with our teachers, who can come to your home and guide you through specific projects.

Our teachers can cater to a wide range of capabilities , help a beginner and challenge the experienced! We have helped many children develop their portfolios. These portfolios have then won scholarships and competitions for the young artists!

These sessions can also be gifted to some one arty you know!

Artspiration currently does not offer Parties but we are happy to connect you with our lovely artists who can help.

Arty parties
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