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ONE World- OUR Home

Please support our cause by buying our books!

Artspiration proudly presents ' ONE World- OUR Home'

This project intends to raise awareness on the loss of habitat of our diverse and dear wildlife. 


Our young artists created children's books aimed at younger children completely written and illustrated by them. 


Students worked with various illustrators, explored illustration techniques, styles and mediums, and studied the process of story writing and creating a book. 


Well equipped and informed, the children set off on their own story journey and created these books. We will now be selling these books online.  100% of the profits made from the sale of these books will be donated to Charitable purposes. We have a goal of raising enough funds for each child to be able to adopt an animal at The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. After which an ongoing fund raising for various charities will start. 



While our Advance group worked on this project, our intermediate groups made some lovely expressionist works on the topic of ' loss of habitat’, some even created their own books. We hope our books will inspire more people to work towards our cause. 


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