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Online Raphael Exhibition: Review by Varya

Where was it?

It was an online exhibition hosted by the National Arts Club

When did I attend?

Wednesday 24th Feb, 2021

What was involved?

Exploring Raphael’s history and life, and the influences on his art.

What art form was it?

Renaissance, very realistic and dramatic style of painting, painted in oils.

Have I seen something like it before?

I’m personally very inspired by the drama and the mood of Renaissance paintings so I have seen paintings like this before, but it’s nice to be reminded of it.

What was good about the exhibition?

I really liked how they went through every stage of Raphael’s life in chronological order, and explaining his history and background, as well as how they influenced his art.

What was not so good?

Nothing, I really enjoyed listening to the description of Raphael’s life and the history of the time period, and I found it very intriguing.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I definitely would recommend it to people interested in the renaissance period and religious history. This was very informative and interesting.

What did I learn from it?

I learnt how paintings from the Renaissance period were based on all sorts of factors like the background and standards of living of the artists, a religious emphasis and the influence of the current monarch, and how Raphael is one of the many Renaissance artists that contribute to our idea of he time period.


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