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Tate St Ives Review - Ad Minoliti- review by Amy

On Friday the 22nd of July, 2022, I went to the Tate in St Ives, Cornwall. I really enjoyed my visit and would recommend going if you ever get the chance.

Firstly, there were a series of rooms exploring modern conversations in art. This included ideas of modern landscapes, bodies, brightness and forms. They also had a spotlight on many artists who are considered modern, including: - Marlow Moss - born in London in 1889, they were a British artist who mainly made paintings and sculptures. They were a co-founder of the group Abstraction - Création, and both through their art and deliberately masculine appearance, they challenged many artistic and social conventions and expectations at the time. - Partou Zia - born in Tehran in 1958, she emigrated from Iran to England in 1970, as a political refugee. I really liked her bright colours used and the thick texture of her paintings. - Barbara Hepworth - born in 1903, Dame Barbara Hepworth, is one of britain's most celebrated modern sculptors. Often influenced by nature and her environment, Hepworth created bold and modern abstract sculptures, that you can now find around the world. I have looked at Barbara Hepworth before and I quite like how she can create beautiful artwork from wood and stone. Ad Minoliti

The second half of my trip, was seeing Ad Minoliti's exhibition - biosphere plush or biosfera peluche. To start, the room was ama

zing, the entire room was covered in bright colours - from the walls, to the carpets, to even the beanbags and chairs th

at were dotted around for you to sit on. On the walls were many of Minoliti's paintings and i loved the bright colours and interesting shapes. Around the room there were 3 'furries', furry creatures dressed in bright clothing. Through these 'furries' Minoliti 'disrupts the binary desicions we often make' - for example between male and female or terrestrial and alien.

In one corner, there was a classroom used for The Feminist School of Painting - an ongoing project where everyone is welcome, and while i was there, there was a collection of drawings you could colour - either start a new one, or continue someone else's.

There were also 2 zine libraries that had a collection of mainly feminist and queer zines you could read and then return. Minoliti says 'I hope people enjoy Biosfera Peluche as a place for reading, learning, resting or getting together'

Overall, I enjoyed my trip to the Tate in St. Ives and I definitely learnt a lot about different forms and presentations of modern art.


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