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“Hot off the Griddle” -Cagla Su Yarkutay

I went to the Alice Neel exhibition called “Hot off the Griddle” at the Barbican Centre for my bronze arts award. I had researched the artist before and really admired her work and seeing her paintings in real life was very interesting and an amazing experience. This was not the first exhibition I went to, but was the biggest and it thought me a lot. They had quotes from the artist herself on the walls and texts about her life in every corner of the room.

As I was walking around the museum a painting caught my eye: Rita and Hubert. The bright colours

as well as the whole aesthetic of the painting felt so pretty and incredible to me. After reading more

about the painting I was also admiring the couple just as Neel was. I could say that this was my favourtie piece from the exhibition that i ended up buying a postcard from the gift shop.

Overall, I had a great experience, and learned a lot more about the artist herself as much as I learned about the world of artists.


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