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CLARENDON fine art - Marlow: Review by Deniz

I like visiting museums and galleries to get inspiration and see how the others do their art.

In the summer holidays I went to a small art gallery called CLARENDON fine art where I was mostly

inspired by the works of Gareth Tristan Evans

Here I am visiting the gallery Here is an example of one of his works

The reason that I liked his works was because of the variations of colours used and the collage and

use of other images that don't perfectly fit and yet look so good together. I love his use of black and

white pictures with pops of colours added on in the background or even sometimes as accessories or

even hair.

His art brings out the people in his drawings by making them lighter than the background and black

and white and I really like the effect that this creates.

Another artist in the gallery that I really liked was The Conner Brothers, I really like their drawings

and the things that I like the most in their artworks was the figures that they drew, I really like the

kind of old timey drawings and they did the old art type of style really well although one thing that I

didn't really like about their drawing were the quotes I think they are a bit unnecessary although I

overall really like their artworks.


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