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JDMalta Gallery’s Summer Exhibition : Review by Caian

For part C of my Silver Arts Award I travelled to London to see JD Malta Gallery’s Summer Exhibition. JD Malat Gallery is known for it's contemporary art and artists. Their Programme consists of a spectrum

of highly skilled artists, that all have a unique and wonderful style.

I first found out about JD Malat Gallery through social media. When I discovered Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen’s work. Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen is a self-taught artist and his work is mainly involved around classic figurative painting and abstract impasto. He was born in South Korea in1986 and was raised in Norway. He has spent most of his life in lots of different countries and first moved to England in 2015. His type of style has taken him years to create and perfect.

These paintings remind me of as a dream slowly fading away from your mind as you begin to awake. By looking at these I feel a sense of calm.

Jean-David Malat is the founder of JD Malat Gallery and was born in Paris. He chose to locate JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair, London because there were already a lot of Art Galleries near by attracting the right sort of people and it would be in the capital, giving lots of people the chance to see the incredible art they displayed. Jean-David Malat is a patron of the Tate and the Royal Academy of Art and also redesigned the Theatre Mogador in Paris for its opening. The Telegraph has branded him as ‘one of the most powerful people in the world’.

Condrad Jon Godly was born in Switzerland,1962. Godly shows the beauty of all nature and landscapes through his paintings. He is able to achieve the impression of the setting she paints with thick layers and strokes of paint that capture the natural beauty of any environment.

This painting is by Katrin Fridriks, another artist whose work is on display at JD Malat Gallery. She was born in 1974 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Katrin is known for her abstract paintings and prints. Her technique brings the paint to life, giving it the elusion of it twisting and folding over each over in a continuous motion. As the paint can be seen licking the canvas, it can give us the impression of an explosion of water or lava or a liquid that isable to capture and contain light in an elegant manner.

Hande Sekerciler was born in Turkey, 1982. She attended Marmara University and studied Crafts Education. Hande uses her sculptures to make a statement in the problems of our modern day society; creating a bold image to show that your own individual body should be expressed freely and not according toothers. This is shown from the examples of her work above. I found this sculpture incredible since at first it looks like one person sitting down, but as you walkaround someone is coming out of it. This reminds me of hiding pain and sorrow to a point it starts to resurface or overprotective love that suffocates the receiver.

Li Tianbing, a Chinese contemporary artist born in 1974, uses his paintings to send political messages to the world. This painting shown above is his work and is mainly of children so it suggests that he was inspired by the ‘one child policy’ that was confirmed in China.

My visit to JD Malat Gallery was enchanting and incredible as the staff was very friendly and helpful, making us feel comfortable during our visit. The entry was also free to see the gorgeous art displayed there. However, it was difficult to find coming from the train station, but once we found the area it was located in, it was fairly easy to discover. In comparison I would definitely recommend the visit to anyone as the whole experience was breath taking.



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